La Petite Touche

The Renovations to the Residence

Renovations Phase 2 - May 2012

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Week 26. As there was nothing to report last week a news update wasn't prepared. Now we are into May with its holidays. So as you might expect nothing much to report inside the house except for the brushing of the surface of the chape. We have also fitted some of the lights.

Outside, as a result of the kind intervention of our local farmer and his tractor with forklift attachment, we now have the spa in place on its concrete base outside the great room. All it needs now is water and electricity! The picture also shows the beginnings of the deck. We also taken delivery of about 22 tonnes of topsoil (lots of rain too) and a large quantity of wood for the deck and also for renovating some of the wooden structure of the barns.

Great Room Little Window

Week 27. Much more progress this week! Even though there are 5, yes 5, bank holidays this month some work is still ongoing. Not every week do they "Faire le pont" (make the bridge between a holiday and the weekend).

Most of the progress has been inside this week. The masons have been finishing off the conservation of the fireplace. They have also refaced the tufeau and repointed the four (oven). The tiles for the hearth are recovered terre cuit, the result being quite a traditional look, which looks stunning.

The tilers have also started their work now the chape has dried sufficiently. By the end of the week tiles had been laid in pretty much every room that is having them.

Fireplace Finished Hearth
Tiles Tiles
Tiles Tiles

Week 28. Some disappointment when we found out that the wall tiles for Bathroom 1 were not available, so we had to order a different set (faience, decor and listels). These will be a few weeks before they are delivered. Also there aren't enough tiles to do the steps in the great room, so more will be needed there too. Elsewhere the second bathroom upstairs and the downstairs wet room have been completed.

In the kitchen progress has been made in fitting the cabinets, whilst outside the deck around the back of the house next to the tub has been laid.

The major event this week was a thunderstorm on Saturday afternoon, where there was a lightning strike on the telephone line between us and La Grande Touche. This caused major problems; the livebox (ADSL router) was destroyed, and the resulting surge (although with protection) also destroyed an ethernet connected PC, one monitor, the printer electronics and other peripherals. We also recorded 46mm of rain in less than 40 minutes.

Tiles Tiles
Deck Kitchen

Week 29. The electrician / plumber has been continuing to finish off things, including fitting the shower surround to Bathroom 2 upstairs and sanitary ware in the downstairs shower room. Water has now been laid on (from the cave) so we now have both mains and well water supply.

The heat pump for the underfloor heating has also been delivered and installed on its plinth outside the back door.

Bathroom 2 Heat Pump