La Petite Touche

The Renovations to the Residence

Renovations Phase 2 - June 2012

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Week 30. The kitchen cabinets have now all been made and fitted; they are now awaiting the worktops, which have been ordered.

The wood flooring upstairs has now been laid and looks really good. So now we are just awaiting the return of the tilers to finish off their work, principly the Bathroom to Bedroom 1 and the Great Room steps.

Outside the end wall of the barn has been reclad with new wood.

Wood Floor Barn
Wood Floor Wood Floor

Week 31.

The tilers returned. Tiles for the bathroom have arrived and have been fitted. They look really good, but we will need to think again on the colour of the walls.

Unfortunately the tiles for the great room were wrong when delivered (the right range but wrong colour), so this part of the renovation is still not finished.

The menuisier has been measuring for the staircase and bay upstairs. Fabrication is starting and fitting will be in the next couple of weeks, we hope.

In the meantime the electrician has got his certificate of compliance so we can now apply for an electricity supply.

Tiling Tiling
Lights Tiles

Week 32.

The final fitting of electrical and plumbing has taken place this week. So Bathroom 1 is now all but finished, being several weeks behind the others.

Tiling Tiling

June 2012

Week 33. This week has been a week of "completions". The final bit of tiling, in the Great Room, was done so the stairs from the Winter Salon level to the Summer Salon level now have tiles on them, in the right colour!

EDF have completed the installation of the electricity meter and the electrician completed his bit so we now have electricity to the other half of the house.

The hot tub has been recommisioned. Apart from a small leak (easily fixed) in the union joint of one of the main pumps it just worked, which is a testament to the robustness of the design. (Since it was last used it's been emptied, turned on its side, moved by hand on a small dolly, loaded into a truck still on its side, transferred to another truck and put back upright, moved 400 odd miles, spent the winter in a hangar, and experienced temperatures down to minus 14 and not above freezing for 2 weeks.)

Outside the decking around the hot tub has been completed.

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Wood Floor Barn