La Petite Touche

The Renovations to the Residence

Renovations Phase 2 - July 2012

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Week 34. Another week where things got delivered.

Inside, the main events were the delivery and fitment of the staircase in the Great Room and the delivary of the worktops for the kitchen.

Outside, the fence at the end of the house was erected and work started to replace the hangar roof. This involves removing all the old battens and slates and dropping them to the floor, and then new battens (liteaux) can be put on followed by the slates. The new slates are slightly larger than the old ones, so even if the battens were fit for further service, which in the main they aren't, they would still have to be replaced. It's hard work as every new slate has to be moved up by hand.

Wood Floor Barn
Wood Floor Barn

Week 35. Almost finished now.

Inside, the final piece of joinery was completed. The glass and wood partition was installed between the landing and the great room, including a full size glass door, which is very heavy, but looks marvellous!

In the winter salon the RSJ (IPN in French) has been clad with wood. It looks like a real wood beam now and will probably fool a few.

The wall tiles (faiences) in the kitchen, have also been glued and grouted between the base units and wall cabinets. The worktops have been fitted and, as they are solid wood, they've been oiled (3 coats) ready for use.

Outside the finishing touches to the new roof on the hangar were made.

Wood Floor Barn
Wood Floor Barn

Week 37. The final act.

Friday 27th July, an auspicious day for La Petite Touche. Today marked the completion of the renovations. The final piece of work was the commissioning of the heat pump. This was followed by the a "meeting of the artisans" to formally sign-off completion of the works. There remain a few small snagging items (aren't there always) but essentially it's complete and we can now start to move things in from the Gite at one end of the house into our living accommodation (at the other end)!

There's still plenty to do, but now it's up to us!