La Petite Touche

The Renovations to the Residence

Renovations Phase 2 - February 2012

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Week 15. The weather had remained extremely cold for 2 weeks (-11 or less at night and sometimes not even getting above -4 by day). A second tranche of snow on Saturday night (4th Feb) into Sunday - about 4 or 5 inches - and the continuing sub-zero temperatures resulted in no work on the house for another week at least. Hence the reason why there was no "news" for week 14. There was nothing to report!

However by Wednesday of week 15 the weather had warmed, the snow had all but gone and the plasterers returned to continue where they had left off. The upstairs has now been completed and work has started downstairs. And as for the hanger, the front and both sides have now been reclad. The first picture of the hanger - part done - gives some idea of the weather in the early days of February!

External doors Winter Salon Hearth
Insulation Upstairs Plaster Upstairs
Insulation Upstairs Plaster Upstairs

Week 16. This week's work was more plastering and some electrical and plumbing work, but although work progressed there's not really much new to show. The great room ceiling has been completed and the kitchen walls have now also been clad with plasterboard, along with the utility room and the downstairs bathroom.

Upstairs work has progressed on the plumbing, with the fittings for the shower taps and water distribution manifolds put in place. None of this is particularly photogenic, so only a couple of pictures this week.

External doors Winter Salon Hearth

Week 17. Just still in February at the beginning of the week, and plastering continued. The great room is now nearly finished; just one wall remains to be done. The kitchen and utility room also are complete bar finishing and one or two final bits. The winter salon is still to be done. The little window to cover the bullseye above the arched front door has been fitted, as has the one in the utility room.

Further progress on the electrics and plumbing: the base for one of the showers upstairs has been prepared and the electricity control box has been installed in the kitchen.

Great Room Little Window
Shower base Control Box