La Petite Touche

The Renovations to the Residence

Renovations Phase 2 - August 2012 - C'est Finit!

No pictures as nothing visually has changed! We'd by now moved much of our own "stuff" that had been in the (larger) Gite since we moved to France 11 months earler.

We were now eagerly awaiting the arrival of our furniture, scheduled for the following Wednesday (8th August). Until then we couldn't make the complete move as we hadn't any beds - they'd been in store in England for nearly a year.

Apart from the lack of a bed, we'd moved pretty much everything else, particularly as on Friday 3rd we had the telephone line relocated so it now terminates in the kitchen. Desks and all the other work paraphernalia were also relocated the same day.

Also the wheat field around the house had now finally been harvested after twice being interuupted by rain, which each time results in at least a 3 day wait while it all dries out again. This summer the harvest, at least for "our" field, had been 4 weeks behind last year.


The furniture duly arrived on Wednesday (8th) and as a result we were able to move permanently to the other end of the house.

We had pretty much already moved apart from a lack of a bed, as our waterbed had been in store in the UK. This was duly set up and commissioned with a new water envelope, and heater.

So now there was the remainder of the "finishing touches" to add to the house, and also the Great Room room to decorate, which was completed in late January 2013.

The Gite we were residing in was cleaned and freshened up ready for guests next season. The one good thing about this was that we were able to add a few small items to the inventory as a result of our first hand experience of living in it!