La Petite Touche

The Renovations to the Residence

November 2011 to August 2012 - The Renovations: Phase 2 - The Other Half

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These first pictures show how this part of the house looked when we first took possession in September 2007.

November 2011

Renovations - Month 1: demolition and preparation. Replacing the beam in the kitchen and digging out the floors.

December 2011

Renovations - Month 2: concrete and chape. Work starts on the inside. Renovation of the stonework outside. Electrics and plumbing first fix. Windows fitted.

January 2012

Renovations - Month 3: The first coat of the Enduit (render) to the outside of the end of the house, removal of the "spoil", conservation of the hearth in the winter salon and plastering begins.

February 2012

Renovations - Month 4: plastering continues - after the coldest 2 weeks of the winter!

March 2012

Renovations - Month 4: plastering still ongoing - electrics and plumbing; underfloor heating.

April 2012

Renovations - Month 5: chape downstairs; second fix, decorating.

May 2012

Renovations - Month 6: topsoil, decorating, final fix, tiling.

June 2012

Renovations - Month 7: flooring, plumbing, electricity and hot tub!

July 2012

Renovations - Month 8: almost done: worktops, staircase and other finishing touches.

August 2012

Renovations - Month 9: Done! We've moved in.