La Petite Touche Located

"LPT" is located in the heart of the Loire Valley, in Department 49, Maine et Loire.

It is a rural idyll, situated in the heart of the countryside, a mere 10 minutes walk from the centre of Genneteil, the nearest village. If you go by car for bread, you can be back at the house in less than the time it takes for the bells high above in the Church of St Martin to complete their two sets of chimes! As we relax in the gardens we are aware that apart from listening to the sounds of silence (bees, insects and birds), you really notice every single vehicle that trundles its way through the surrounding countryside (about 1 or 2 an hour pass the house; it almost becomes an event). Look up to see if it is a farm vehicle, milk tanker, the school bus, the post or just a car. It's altogether a more relaxed pace. You can forget, for a while, the drone of ever present vehicle noise that most of us experience on a daily basis.

At night, the skies are dark, the stars are bright, all around is quiet, save the noise of the countryside …….. a real opportunity to get away from the hustle and bustle of modern life.

Local facilities

Genneteil is a small village and community (of about 300 inhabitants) which is approximately in the centre of a triangle drawn between the cities of Le Mans, Tours and Angers.

In the village, there is a small shop along with a Bar / Restaurant (Le Genet - only open for business in the daytime and early evening). Bread can be purchased in the shop by pre-ordering the night before or in Auverse which is about 8-10 minutes drive. Also, just to the other side of the village, is a Farm which sells Milk, Cream and Yoghurt etc.

The nearest main towns are Noyant to the South (around 12km), Le Lude to the North (10km), La Fleche to the North West (20km) and Baugé to the South West (12km).

Larger shops and supermarkets are in Noyant, Le Lude, or Baugé. In these towns the usual array of Supermarkets, Banks, Doctors, Chemists, weekly local markets and all the necessities of a more rural but modern living style can be found.

The chateau town of Le Lude, on Le Loir river, provides the nearest supermarket. The river is a nice spot for a leisurely walk and the local swimming pool has both outdoor and indoor facilities.

Baugé is also a chateau town and is only slghtly further than Le Lude but in the opposite direction. It also has a supermarket and a well marked walk around the town.

Slightly further afield, but still under 20km to the North West is La Fleche, where you will find hypermarkets, out of town shopping and the trappings of a larger town. La Fleche is also home to the nearest zoological gardens.

All of these towns have their own collection of cafes, bars, and restaurants. So far we haven't yet found one we wouldn't go back to; and, it has to be said, one or two that very definitely are on the returns list!

New or recent autoroutes also form a triangle around us, so almost no matter which way you drive; within less than half an hour of leaving the house you can be on one of them. There are also airports at Tours, Le Mans and Angers and slightly further afield, Nantes, Rennes and Paris. Trains (including TGV) run to Tours which is about 45 minutes drive away and Le Mans, about an hour by car. We are about 45 minutes by car due North of Saumur, with its chateau and extensive wine caves, and La Loire and all its spectacular scenery.

Many of the famous Loire Chateaux are within easy travelling distance and a 2 hour drive, due west, is the Atlantic coast with some fine beaches.

How to Get to La Petite Touche

By Air from UK and Eire (Direct only)

To Tours

From London Stansted.

To Nantes

From Birmingham, Bristol, Dublin, Liverpool, London, Manchester, Southampton.

To Rennes

From Birmingham, Exeter, London, Manchester, Southampton in UK; and from Cork, Dublin in Eire.

To Le Mans

For those with access to private/ chartered flights.

Easyjet also fly from a number of UK destinations to Paris CDG International Airport.

Try to plan your flight from the UK to France.

By Car

LPT is  easily accessible by road, essentially due South from the channel ports of Cherbourg (3.5 hours) or Caen Ouistreham (2.5 hours) via Brittany Ferries (4 hours) or LD Lines at Le Havre (3 hours).

If you want to see a little more of France, or indeed if your preferred UK port is Dover/Folkestone then the journey from Calais/ Dunkirk is around 6-7 hours. You can get to Calais with P&O, Calais or Dunkirk with DFDS Ferries, Eurotunnel etc

The easiest route essentially follows the southwesterly coastline from Calais to Rouen, then turn south towards Le Mans.

By Train

You could also use Eurostar to Paris, and the TGV to Tours or Le Mans, from where you could hire a car.