The Renovations to the Residence

The pictures which follow show in pictorial form the renovations of the remainder of the house at La Petite Touche.

The pictures span a period of just over one year (we hope) from when work started in earnest until the major works are completed.

These first pictures show how this part of the house looked when we first took possession in September 2007.

The Great Room

The Great Room The Great Room

The Winter Salon with its Indoor Four(Oven)

Winter Salon Gite 2 - new and old

The Kitchen (currently in two parts)

The Kitchen The Kitchen

and Upstairs

Upstairs Upstairs

The renovation begins:

First clear all the tiles left by the previous owner from the winter salon.

clearing the Winter Salon tiles the Winter salon tiles have gone

Then fill in the hole in the ceiling where the staircase used to be - new joists in oak to match. Upstairs where the bedroom will be there is no longer a hole in the floor!

clearing the Winter Salon hole the Winter salon hole no more staircase hole from a different angle staircase covered in from a different angle

The wall that divides the kitchen is demolished revealing a broken beam, which will need to be replaced and is now held in place with the ubiquitous acrow prop or 2.

Demolition complete 1 Demolition complete 2

Next the old ceiling in the lingerie is removed and the floor dug out. Apertures are made in the kitchen and winter salon walls for the new doors. The floors are dug out / filled ready to the correct levels. (A small digger is hired to help with this work!)

Kitchen Floor Digger Winter salon Door Kitchen Door Lingerie Floor Summer Salon