Le Vieil Atelier Renovations

The pictures which follow show in pictorial form the renovations from an old workshop, which the previous owner used for his furniture making, into the one bedroom holdiay home that we now call Le Vieil Atelier at La Petite Touche.

The pictures span a period of just over one year from when work started in earnest until the major works were completed.

These first two pictures show how this part of the house looked when we first took possession in September 2007.

Gite 2 - the workshop Gite 2 - grenier

In the salon, the new beam, and the old beam after sandblasting!

Gite 2 - the new beam Gite 2 - new and old

With new ceiling and dryline walls

Gite 2 - the salon Gite 2 - new ceiling

and now decorated, with its retained quirky little window!

Gite 2 - the salon decorated Gite 2 - salon little window

The Cave and the new Kitchen start to take shape

Gite 2 - the kitchen (with the cave) Gite 2 - the kitchen (with the cave)

And also get the drylining treatment

Gite 2 - the kitchen (walls going up) Gite 2 - the kitchen (towards the cave)

And the almost completed decorations to the kitchen, whilst the cave will remain with "feature" bare walls!

Gite 2 - the kitchen painted Gite 2 - the cave

The salon is tiled and the kitchen too

Gite 2 - the Salon tiled Gite 2 - tiled Kitchen

The staircase is fitted, the salon furnished

Gite 2 - the Staircase Gite 2 - the Salon furnished

And finally kitchen fittings

Gite 2 - Kitchen fitted


The new floor is laid and stair cutouts made

Upstairs - the new floor Cutouts for Stairs

And walls and insulation added

Upstairs - the new bedroom Upstairs - new bedroom 2

with decoration of the bedroom completed

Upstairs - the new bedroom painted Upstairs - new bedroom again

while the bathroom and the new little room still await completion...

Upstairs - the new little room Upstairs - new bathroom awaits completion

the bathroom now tiled and the shower installed and the bedroom tiled and furnished

Upstairs - the bathroom and shower installed Upstairs - furnished


The window aperture is made and the new front door is fitted

The new salon window The new Front door

Ready for rendering and then the finished article - wow!

please add enduit! The front with enduit

And how it looks in Autumn 2011.

now avaialbe for rent